Davies Condos has a strong philosophy of providing the service that you need when you need it.   So, whether you are “just curious” about market value or require full listing services immediately, we are there to help.  Davies Condos is very sensitive to the real estate process and will provide a consultation for you wherever you are on the “thinking” spectrum.

Davies Condos has an additional philosophy of being the very best we can be.  This can only be done if we focus.  No one can be an expert at everything and we believe that by acquiring “condo knowledge” we best serve you, our clients.  Napoleon Hill, and author, has this to say about the Art of Specialization:  “The ‘Jack-of-all-Trades” seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on definite aim.”


  • Condo Specialty:  matching condo buyers and sellers-that’s all we do!
  • Resource Center:  condo books, floorplans, amenities:  existing and proposed projects
  • Internet Presence:   searches for Burlington Condos shows Davies Condos always on 1st page
  • Private Client Services:  an on-line service, notifying buyers of new listings 24-48 hours in advance of Realtor.ca
  • Vendor Traffic Reports:   advanced metrics to monitor your listings and its activity
  • Window Displays:   office located is high visible:  walk-by (hundreds)  & drive-by traffic (average 15,000 cars daily)
  • Condo Specific Website:  acquire a login and password and get full access to Davies Condos website!